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An over-the-moon about earth picture storybook, like no other. Out 2021


We immediately saw our late grandmother’s captivating short story scribbled down in a well-worn notebook titled The man from the moon as an opportunity to save our beautiful planet, however, some of the storyline was spotty, with large gaps here and there.

The Moonling is 100% a work of fiction but the book deals with real-world issues, and therefore we wanted to bring something to the story to make it more believable. The best way we could think of was to build the story of The Moonling around a famous historical event – The events during and following the Apollo 11 mission perfectly tied up all the loose ends in my grandmother’s short story The man from the moon.

One must remember that this is a children’s story and the last thing we wanted to do was bombard kids with too many facts. So, what we did was include some easter eggs for the parents, so that when they realise that this is the Apollo 11 mission that they will tell their kids “hey, this actually happened” and then hopefully the kids will go “wwhhhaaaat, this is real?” Only some of it, but it definitely creates a ‘what if’ moment…

The Apollo 11 Lunar Module MODEL : created from old cardboard, leftover dowel sticks, lego blocks, bottle caps, toothpicks and pieces from an old motherboard

The significance of the timeline in The Moonling

Apart from its historical significance, there’s also its repetitive importance

Does history repeat itself?

The news that made the headlines back in 1969 is pretty much the same news that’s making the headlines today, the only difference is that today’s news is just bigger and badder. Some examples are; the space race (but this time to Mars), terror attacks, civil unrests, border clashes, racism, perhaps another world war… Did you know that a massive oil spill at the end of January 1969 in Santa Barbara inspired the first-ever Earth Day event in 1970.

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