The Moonling

An over-the-moon about earth picture storybook, like no other. Out 2021

Karl’s room

Karl’s room: created inside a cardboard box from leftover balsa wood, discarded lego blocks (for the bedside lamp), sosatie sticks, woodworking nails (for the handles of the drawers), an offcut piece of felt, old shirts (for the book covers & bed comforter), an Artline permanent marker (for the telescope), wire, old packing polystyrene (for the space mobile), a thimble (for the pencil holder), etc.

All the pictures of the dioramas were taken on an iPhone 7

The 1st edition of The Moonling is currently sold out! However, we are planning a very special 2nd edition of The Moonling where all the illustrations in our picture storybook are photos of dioramas/miniature 3D scenes created from at least 90% reclaimed content. (landing 2021, watch this space)

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